Community Discounts

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Nonprofits Dedicated to Possibilities

Nonprofits - and the people behind them - dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities have a very special place in our hearts. 


Like us, you decided to devote your life to making this a better, more accessible world. We thank you for your commitment and extend a special discount to your organization. 


To qualify, you will need to have attained 501(C)3 status from the IRS and have in your mission statement and annual report that your mission is to help people with disabilities.

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Thank you for your service

and for supporting those who served.

Service members and spouses

We are delighted to offer a discount to the service members and spouses. This includes members of the armed forces, law enforcement, fire fighters, and emergency medical technician (EMT) personnel. 

We count on you every day. If you run a business and need our services, you can count on us, too. 


We salute you and thank you for dedicating your lives to keep ours safe. 

Donate to a nonprofit dedicated to possibilities

Help us to improve the world!


Make a donation to a nationally-recognized nonprofit dedicated to helping people with disabilities and we will match the donation for up to 10% of your invoice amount or give you half of what you donated in discount (for up to 10% of the invoice amount. 


Please tell us that you want to join this program at the beginning of our relationship, so we can prepare accordingly.


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