Manual and Automated
Web Accessibility Checker

All the web accessibility tools your developers need to get your site compliant - and keep it compliant.


Web Accessibility

Show the world that you care about people with disabilities - and avoid ADA website accessibility lawsuits - by making your website accessible to people with disabilities.

Validate HTML, CSS, JS

We inspect your frontend code for errors and best practices.

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WCAG 2.1.png

WCAG 2.1: A, AA, AAA Compliance Audits

Whether you are following WCAG's level A, AA, or AAA, AllyRight will guide you

Section 508 Compliance Audits

Federal agencies have special web accessibility requirements. We got you!

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More Accuracy,
Less False-Positives

Our algorithm learns the subtleties of your website, ensuring higher accuracy.

List of Priorities

Our AI creates a list of priorities, guiding you on what must be remediated next.

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Description of accessibility issues.png

Description of issues

Clear descriptions of the violations, so you know what needs to be fixed.

Element Location

We tell you where on the source code the issue is, saving you time.

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Color Contrast.png

Color Contrast Checker

Ensure high color contrast with our built-in color contrast checker

24/7 Monitoring

AllyRight is continuously monitor your content for new that need to be audited.

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Check pdf files (BETA)

Determine if your .pdf files are accessible.

Manual Accessibility Audits

Perform manual audits using our Issue Tracker's Accessibility template.

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Unlimited scans.png

Unlimited Scans

Audit your website as many times as you need to make sure your site is compliant with the WCAG 2.1.